A-Z of Wonder Women

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A-Z or Wonder Women, Yvonne Lin's children's book on inspiring women, is available starting today.

Why? "I created The A-Z of Wonder Women for my four year old daughter Roni and for other little kids. Boys and girls need heroes as they grow up." In childhood, boys and girls are exposed to more male heroes than females. Yet plenty of female heroes exist – and they are not just princesses and mermaids. Females can and should equally inspire children regardless of gender.

The book highlights twenty-six women. Kicking it off is Ada Lovelace, a mathematician in the early 19th century who understood the potential of computing and was an early programmer, writing the first punch-card algorithm. Wrapping it up is architect Zaha Hadid, who in 2004 became the first woman to win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. In-between the book celebrates twenty-four additional, equally inspiring females.

Yvonne both wrote and illustrated the book. It's available through Amazon and other retailers. And although the suggested age range for readers is 8 through 12, they are also great stories that can be read to younger kids. So it's really for 8 and up!

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