The whole experience is full of anxiety and innovation opportunity.







We were asked to change the test so that pee would not get on the counter or her hand. We realized that the opportunity is actually much larger and that the brand could have a much larger impact by giving her a fully empathic experience. We had the opportunity to help women in one of the most anxious times of their life.


At the store, we made it easy for her to make a quick decision by reassuring her that the test is easy to use by placing clear pictorial instructions on the side of the box.

While taking the test, we neatly organized the box's contents to give her confidence that she's in good hands.

After taking the test, we included additional information to support her (no matter what her position is). 

We created a free ovulation guide for the store shelf so that the brand could support her beyond the test.


This test is the best selling pregnancy test on and 91% of users would recommend it to a friend.

Collective members: Yvonne Lin + Erica Eden, while at Smart Design|Femme Den