She enjoys caring for her hybrid car. She is happy to watch the leaves grow, and sad to see them wilt.






Dashboards on regular cars are already a mess of dials, switches, and buttons. Hybrid cars need to give drivers even more information. We wanted to give her this information in clear and compelling way. 


When she drives efficiently, the plant on her dashboard grows. When she drives inefficiently, the leaves fall off. She emotionally responds to the human trait of the car needing care. By designing this warm value we create a stronger connection between her and her car. 

This connection is strong enough to significantly change her driving behavior. 


Ford Fusion credited this design with lifting year on year figures by 42%. It delivering 82% conquest sales and posted $6.6 billion net profit. This dashboard was rolled out to all Ford hybrid vehicles. 

“Smart Gauge with Eco Guide, is designed to bring out the mileage geek in everyone. Our tech guys went gaga over this one…for non-techies, the Efficiency Leaves feature shows leaves growing on a vine if you’re driving efficiently. It’s actually quite cool.” - Mark Gillies, Car & Driver Magazine

Collective member: Dan Formosa, while at Smart Design