A bloodstain is standing between 250 Million girls and their education



250 million adolescent girls across the world live in poverty, lacking access to safe and dignified menstrual management resources. Without appropriate  solutions,  something as natural as menstruation becomes a crisis and a challenge to a girl's ability to attend and participate in school, perform routine tasks, and go about their daily lives free from embarrassment and health risks.  Without menstrual management, girls become prisoners in their own bodies.


Working with 450 girls across 5 countries,  the Be Girl team developed a simple yet revolutionary  2-in-1 solution offering menstrual protection and underwear in one product. The panty gives the user the flexibility to fill the holder/pouch with any available safe absorbent disposable or reusable material, delivered in the form of an every day panty.

The flexibility delivered by its hybrid design allows the product to better adapt for convenience according to local resources, including water availability, inaccessible pricing of disposable pads and equally important, cultural taboos. Being the panties a more neutral product,  girls can keep their privacy when having their periods and when explaining the fathers the value of buying panties for their girls, they can also relate as even men need to wear underwear. 

Good design is about understudying the object in context, what it means to be a women and a girl is not the same conversation across the globe and as simple as a pair of panties can be, they represent an the chance to a girl her right to feel ownership of her body and the immense potential that brings the feeling of pride and dignity.


Collective member: Diana Sierra



After 3 years of design and development, 16,571 products distributed and 9,091 girls reached.  Be Girl has enter the commercial phase and is collaborating with organizations across the globe to launch an underwear revolution and redefine menstruation by changing negative conversations with positive messages delivered through design, with colorful and beautiful products that celebrate what it means to be a girl.  

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