Her Armour Bra is part of her transformation from human to super human.

She never slouches in it. It makes her feel like a bad ass.

CLIENT: under armour


Under Armour's womens brand image had been confusing and alienating to many women. It was disjointed and ranged from being too pretty pink tween to overly aggressively masculine.  

Also, in the sports bra category looking good and working well were considered to be mutually exclusive. Bras for small breasted women looked good but offered very little support. Bras for large breasted women gave support but looked like "this was designed for my grandma".


We considered and designed the whole experience. We designed the product line, messaging, packaging, in store and online retail experiences.

The look and feel of the bras and communication is fierce and feminine. We moved the sizing from SML to traditional bra sizing to make the fitting experience easier. The line spans from A to DD. In all sizes, women can look good and be well supported. And, we used photographs of professional athletes of different bra sizes instead of models.



The Armour Bra is the #1 UA bra in revenue in 2012 and is in the top 10 of all womens’ product in revenues in 2012 for UA. The bra line continues to be a top seller.

“I'll start, as I did last quarter, by talking about the strength in our Women's business. The momentum from the strong first quarter launch of our Armour Bra continued in Q2… our teams' commitment and focus has enabled us to deliver a more Under Armour specific design language that is clearly connecting with our consumer across multiple categories.”  - CEO Kevin Plank

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Collective member: Yvonne Lin, while at Smart Design|Femme Den